My last core journalism subject in the Bachelor of Journalism is JOUR312-Internship. The Internship subject is designed as a capstone subject for journalism students to take the skills they have learnt over the last three years (or five for double degree students like me) and put them to work in the workplace or real world via an internship.

My internship was work-from-home for an online technology publication, Tech Reviewer, based in the UK. I worked as a journalism/editorial intern writing my own articles, as well as editing the articles of Tech Reviewer’s other interns and writers and promoted  Tech Reviewer‘s content on multiple social media websites.

My assessment tasks for JOUR312-Internship were a journal and supervisor evaluation, a body of work and a reflective essay on my experience as an intern. These assessment tasks can be found and read below:

1. Journal and Supervisor Evaluation

2. Body of Work

3. Reflective Essay

Overall I found this subject and my internship a rewarding experience.


Week 15: Learn/Feedback

After the completion of Assessment Task 2 or our designs, everyone had to write an individual Major Project Research and Process Summary Report, which was essentially a reflective essay, reflecting on the learning process throughout Assessment Task 2. We were all required to submit our Reports two weeks after the completion of Assessment Task 2, in Week 15. My Major Project Research and Process Summary Report or reflective essay can be found below.

Major Project Research and Process Summary Report

The feedback Mikayla, Brittany and I received from Guy on our final submission/designs can be found below. We received a mark of 70 out of 100 (credit).

Feedback from Guy on our final submission/designs

I am unaware of the marks Mikayla and Brittany received for their individual Major Project Research and Process Summary Reports or reflective essays, however I received a mark of 75 out of 100 (distinction) for my Major Project Research and Process Summary Report or reflective essay.

Week 13: Implement/Delivery

Today was the day that the final submission was due for the major design project. Today Mikayla, Brittany and I made a brief presentation about our designs and our process as well as submitted via digital files.

We made a last minute edition with audio, video, written and photo pages to provide navigation and a step between the home page and the individual story pages.

You can find the files for our final submission below:

Home Page

Final Home Page

Categories Pages:

Final Audio Categories Page

Final Photo Categories Page

Final Video Categories Page

Final Written Categories Pages

Individual Story Pages:

Final Audio Page

Final Photo Page

Final Video Page

Final Written Page

Navigation and Prototype Charts:

Navigation and Prototype Charts

Presentation discussing Design Process from beginning to final submission:


Presentation Script


Interim submission material that led to the final designs and submission:

Page Design Template

Colour Palette







Weeks 11 & 12: Select

In Weeks 11 and 12 Mikayla, Brittany and I have made decisions to improve our prototype of UOWTV Multimedia that we submitted for the interim submission. After completing the demos for the interim submission and receiving feedback from Guy–Mikayla, Brittany and I decided to make some changes on our designs.

These changes include watermarking the page with a picture of the Wollongong landscape to add unity and colour to the background of the pages, changing the logo and tightening up the design and visual structure of the pages so they are not so random and all over the place.

We are also preparing for our final submission by preparing slides for our presentation in Week 13 as well as finalising the designs for our final submission, which is also due in Week 13.

There are apps but the real thing will never die

Despite the many features and the dominance of iPhones and Smartphones, the brick and flip phones have not totally disappeared.

Ericcson, Motorola and Nokia brick phones, such as the famous Nokia 3310 are making a comeback in Europe, while Samsung flip phones are making a comeback in South Korea.

So despite the many features and dominance of the iPhone and Smartphone, older phones are making a resurgence. So what other devices that can easily be found in iPhones and Smartphones that will never die out?


Alarm Clock1. Alarm Clock Radios

The alarm clock radio hasn’t completely disappeared, it is still being sold in plenty of stores in Australia such as Dick Smith and Harvey Norman. However with everyone checking their emails on their Smartphones before bed and with every phone fitted with alarms, more and more people are using their  phones to wake themselves up rather than serene music.


Egg Timer2. Egg and Cooking Timers

Timing is extremely important when cooking, too little time and food is not cooked, too much time and food can turn into ash. Not all phones come with a timer, but it is easy enough to buy a timer app.  That being said, if you’re on the phone or in the middle of texting, sometimes it is more convenient to buy an egg timer from the supermarket.



Board Games 3. Games

You can buy video game, card game and board game apps on almost any Smartphone or iPhone. However the thrill of beating your family at Monopoly on a Sunday afternoon or the inevitably of hurting your thumbs when using PlayStation and Xbox controls will never die. Nothing beats seeing the look on my father’s face when I beat him at Ludo.


Maps4. Maps 

Most commonly seen on a GPS screen now rather than struggle with a hard copy, GPS apps are a good back-up in case the GPS in your car dies. While most people won’t chose to battle with hardcopy maps anymore, their existence and need for them haven’t died out.


Notepad5. The Notepad

I love Microsoft Office on my Smartphone, it’s the reason why I bought it, however it can be a bit of pain to take notes on.  While it’s great to have Microsoft office on your Smartphone or to save messages as drafts, sometimes writing things down on a piece of paper is easier than writing on a virtual one.



This is a listicle I wrote for the UOWTV Multimedia website as chief topic editor in Week 12 of Newsroom 3 on Wednesday May 28th 2014. The published version of this article can be found here.

All images were taken from Google Images.

Nurses and Networking @ UOW

UOW nursing students were given a glimpse of their possible futures with Careers Central’s Nursing Expo today.

The defence force, government services, hospitals, medical centres and private medical companies and services were in attendance today, to provide nursing students with various opportunities and possibilities.

This video was filmed at the Nursing Expo on Wednesday May 21st 2014.

This is a video report that I completed for the UOWTV Multimedia report team for the sports/health round in Week 11 of Newsroom 3 on Wednesday May 21st  2014 . The published version of this video report on the UOWTV Multimedia website can be found here.

Crown Street Mall’s Arts and Buskers

The Wollongong City Council and the Crown Street Mall support the expression of artists during its evolution or otherwise known as revamp. However buskers have received news that their fees that they have to pay to be able to busk has doubled.

This is a photographic report that I completed on this subject, for the UOWTV Multimedia report team for the politics/government round in Week 9 of Newsroom 3 on Wednesday May 7th 2014 . The alternate and published version of this photographic report on the UOWTV Multimedia website can be found here.

Featured in this photographic report is the work of arts present throughout the mall and the construction work as well as Charles, 20, a Crown Street Mall busker.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Week 10: Select

Mikayla was absent in this class. Brittany and I discussed the subject outline/brief for this project as well as the home page plan, the logo and the article page plan/template. We discussed the fact that now we have completed our interim submission and we have plans/templates to go off, that with designing/building our prototype for UOWTV Multimedia, the remaining weeks until this project is due is going to be spent filling in the blanks and conduct trials and errors to discover what will work and what won’t.

For example, Brittany and I are thinking of re-designing the logo to make it more about Wollongong since the audience for UOWTV Multimedia are Wollongong and Illawarra based.

I have made the decision to conduct trial and errors with the article pages as I have admin access to the UOWTV Multimedia site as I am completing another university subject which involves creating and submitting work to the site. I can easily copy and paste content from the site for our design trial and error. One of the trials and errors I will be conducting is whether three mediums (audio, video, written or photo) should be together on one page or whether they should be separated on different pages as UOWTV Multimedia will upload three mediums onto the one page as a story is being told in three different ways from three different angles.

Brittany has proposed that either she or Mikayla or both work on filling in the blanks with the home page.


Week 9: Ideate/Prototype–Interim Submission

This week myself, Mikayla and Brittany submitted our work in progress for the re-design of UOWTV Multimedia as an interim submission for our major design project. So far we have completed a plan for the Homepage, a demo article page, colour palettes, a demo logo as well as the theroetical research needed to be able to complete the work.

Homepage Plan:

Home page







Demo Logo:

Demo Logo







Demo Article Page:

Demo Article Page


Colour Palette:

Colour Palette

Colour Palette (Logos)


Theoretical Research:

Theoretical Research

Weeks 7 & 8: Research

In Week 7, Brittany and I delegated roles in the brief for our group. I was in charge of research which was covered in these three points of the brief:

Research other online news websites with a similar target audience. What observations can you make comparing the UOW Current news site and the outcomes of your research?

Document the present information architecture of ‘The Current’. Is the supported content appropriate? Should the site hold more or less, or perhaps different content? Represent your views with an updated information architecture flowchart.

Develop and design a navigation approach that reflects the updated information architecture

In Week 7’s class Mikayla was absent, In Week 8’s class I was absent due to having to have a medical procedure done. I did the research over the course of Week 7, Week 8 and the Mid-Session Recess. The research can be accessed by the link below.

LovedayFellHeinjus Research